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Jared is the Office Administrator and Closing Coordinator for C21 1st Choice; he joined our office in 2015 and since then has been a wonderful asset ensuring our clients have a clear path to the closing table. Jared resides in Jersey Shore with his wife Attie and their 3 children Hayden, Harper and Hudson. He is a Jersey Shore graduate and enjoys playing basketball, working out, and spending time with his family. Jared has worked with 100’s of individuals and families in achieving their goal of home ownership by walking them through the closing process, and following them every step to obtaining their new home. You also may recognize him as his alter-ego: "90's Bob Boob" famous for his features in several of our C21 youtube videos. He loves to remind people that he is Bob & Lisa's favorite son, and one of his bigger responsibilities includes choosing the Employee of the Month. Alarmingly, he has won the award 47 Months in a row.

Recently, Jared started a Moving Company “Boober’s Movers”, to aid families that have recently bought and/or sold their homes and are looking for the support of a qualified and professional moving company. Please call Jared at 570-772-6401 for more details and current rates.



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